Unique Selling Proposition – You’ve Got to Have a USP For a Successful Direct Marketing Campaign

If your business used direct marketing to sell its products or services, you need to start your marketing process with a unique selling proposition or USP. Your USP is the bedrock of your entire marketing campaign and without it your advertising will appear scattered and your customers won’t see the big picture. Read on to find out how you can incorporate a unique selling proposition into your direct marketing business.

When you create a marketing campaign without a USP, it’s like driving across country without a map to a place you have never been. Sure you know the general direction you want to head, but if you don’t have written instructions to yourself, you will go through a lot of trial and error before you get there. A unique selling proposition is exactly what you need to get there.

Your USP is a statement that explains to your customers exactly what you are going to do for them. It also explains how you will solve their problem and how you are different than anyone else in your industry. It tells your customers why they should buy from your versus every other available choice out there. The USP will also build trust.

As you incorporate your unique selling proposition into your business, you will be able to show your customer that they can expect the same treatment over and over again. The customer will come to recognize your USP in the appearance of all of the direct marketing material that you send out. From you letter head, to your business cards, to your sales letters, your unique selling proposition will permeate all aspects of your direct marketing business.

When you start to send out your direct marketing advertising, whether it’s through the mail or on the internet, as long as all of your sales material stays in the same guideline of the USP, your customers will come to understand that your business really stands for what you say it does. A prospect may get a letter in the mail for a new product that you offer. The way you suggest that product to the customer will all be based upon your USP.

The customer can read this statement at the top of the sales letter or somewhere in the copy and will understand exactly how you will treat him if he decides to do business with you sometime in the future. The unique selling proposition is critical to the success of your direct marketing business. Once properly imlimented, it can be a tool that will act as a magnet for customers, bringing you more business than you ever thought possible.