How E-mail Marketing Works

E-mail Marketing, as the name itself suggests, is marketing through the use of emails. To put it simply, it’s a kind of advertisement that makes use of the Internet, specifically email. There are different types of email which you can send to potential consumers, and these are divided in three general categories: Direct Mail, Retention email/ newsletters, & advertisements linked to other peoples Newsletter.

Direct email involves sending promotional messages or advertisements directly to email addresses of potential customers. These may include announcements of special offers, discounts, product of the month, etc.

When doing email marketing, you have to have a list of customer email addresses which you can reach for instantly-these are not easy to obtain-but there are service companies which may give you permission to access lists of their customers email addresses.

Retention emails or newsletters are emails that aim to promote continuance of customer’s subscription. This email contains advertisements and promotional messages, but on top of it, offers something of benefit for the consumer reading it. For example, given that you are promoting, let’s say, an exercise machine in the form of a treadmill, you can include the advertisement to a newsletter of different diet advice or diet facts & myths.

Retention emails aim to make the consumers interested enough to open your email & read what you offer. It also aims to get consumers hooked by sending daily or weekly emails about the topic of interest to the consumer.

Advertisements linked to other peoples Newsletter involves finding newsletters of others & in turn pay them for you to access or link to their newsletters. This form of email marketing saves you the effort of making your own newsletter, at the same time frees you from the burden of finding your own subscribers. There are people who make newsletters specifically for this purpose-which aims to invite people to advertise in their websites & pay for advertising space.

When aiming for this type of email marketing, it is important that when choosing the appropriate newsletters to advertise in you must choose established websites, that way you are sure that the website already has a significant number of followers, otherwise, your product won’t get the promotion it aims for. But before you can actually penetrate the world of email marketing, there is still the pressing issue of getting authorization from the email address owners, otherwise, you’ll just end up as a spam which is an unsolicited commercial bulk, and may very well be thrown directly to the recycle bin.

Getting the authorization to send email advertisements lies solely on the owners of the email address you would be sending to. How can one obtain this authorization now is where the problem lies. This permission can only be obtained if the consumer lets you send news to them-may very well be obtained if they’ve visited your website already. If you’ve already been give the authorization you need, then that is the only time you can send them email advertisements-but it is not a assurance that you are privileged of this permission forever, because you can still be subjected to being disregarded as deemed by the owner of the email address.